ATV Auctions

Get The Right ATV For The Right Price

It is almost always helpful to walk into an ATV auction with some background knowledge. You should have a bottom line for how much you are willing to spend, and you should have a good idea of what kind of ATV would be right for you. 

A good first step is to become familiar with an assortment of ATVs and common pricing.  Unless you want to purchase the ATV for immediate resale, look for an ATV that you get the most use out of rather than a great deal.

Online ATV auctions

ATV auctions can be held on sites dedicated to a niche type of auction such as this one or held on mega-auction online platforms such as eBay.  In some eBay auctions, the winner of the auction can agree to pick up the item sold locally.  This form of local e-commerce can help sidestep many common problems with online auctions.  First and foremost, the buyer can physically inspect the ATV before exchanging payment.  In addition, the buyer does not have to worry about shipping costs, sellers that seemingly disappear after getting paid, and problems with international red tape.   eBay auctions for local pickup can provide a safer, easier and cost-effective way to purchase an ATV online. 

ATVs are sold in both online and offline auctions.  Making any large purchase on an online auction can be a risk.  However, some ATV parts and accessories might only be readily available via online auction.  When spending thousands in an online auction, there are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration.  They include:

  • Recognize that the ATV will likely have to be freighted, which could cost hundreds of dollars.
  • Never agree to transfer money for the seller.
  • Always walk away from deals that seem too good to be true.
  • Never purchase an ATV from abroad.  Not only do foreign scams run rampant, but the cost of shipping and customs could be more than the cost of the ATV itself. 


ATV parts can be effectively purchased online.  Often, some of the best ATVs at auction need some upgrades.  Mechanically-savvy ATV owners can turn a shell of an ATV into a phenomenal All-Terrain Vehicle.  The hotrod crowd can do exceptionally well supping up ATVs.  For others, it is best to purchase an ATV at auction that is ready to drive and might only need some minor bodywork.  It is important to know that both new and used ATVs can be purchased at different ATV auctions.

Repo ATV auctions

Purchasing an ATV that has been repossessed can either be a great deal or a money pit.  Newer ATVs that have been repossessed and sold at auction are generally a safer bet.  The big advantage to the buyer is that the previous owner that failed to keep up with his or her ATV payments likely did not anticipate that the ATV would be repossessed.  It is unlikely that valuable parts were taken from the ATV before it was up for sale at a repo auction.  Older ATVs sold at repo auctions can be more of a gamble.  As a buyer, you do not know the history of the ATV or how well it was maintained by the previous owner. 

Choosing the right ATV 

There are several 4wheel ATV classifications that you will commonly see in auctions.  They are as follows:

  • Competition Quads are fun, lightweight ATVs meant for racing.
  • Sport Quads are designed for general recreational use such as jumping and riding on trails at high speeds.
  • Sport-Utility Quads are multipurpose ATVs that are suitable for recreational use and work activities.
  • Utility Quads are the largest and heaviest ATVs.  They are designed for towing large loads.  They do not go as fast as the Quads listed above, but they can be a good way for first-time trail riders to learn how to drive an ATV. 
  • Youth Quads are made for kids.  They are easy to handle, and they can be a great investment when teaching the entire family how to ride ATVs as a recreational activity. 


Some other things to consider when purchasing an ATV at auction are the transmission types (automatic or manual) and the engine size.  The engine size is especially important for those looking to purchase an ATV for work purposes.  Engines with higher displacement can tow more weight, but they likely cannot go as fast.  Typically, a larger engine size suggests that the ATV will go at higher speeds. 

Who might want to consider purchasing an ATV at auction

It is recommended that those with a good deal of background knowledge about ATVs purchase ATVs at auctions.  First time ATV byers might benefit more from going to a dealership. As typical, it is always smart to avoid too many upsells in a dealership setting.  However, purchasing a new ATV for market price at a dealership can be better than taking a gamble at an auction.  ATV auctions can be especially attractive opportunities for those familiar with working on a certain brand of ATV.  Many buyers have used one type of ATV brand for work purposes and are familiar with how to fix different parts.  In addition, purchasing the tools necessary to fix any given brand of ATV can be more expensive than taking it to a mechanic.  However, those that already have the right tools on hand can easily get a great deal at an auction. 

There are always people that love a gamble and a challenge.  That crowd should stay informed, do ample research before going to an ATV auction, and not be too eager to purchase at a single auction. 

Why ATV auctions remain popular

ATV auctions are popular for a number of reasons.  Specifically, who does not love getting a great deal?  ATVs sold at auctions can give experienced and first-time buyers a chance to get more while spending less.  Get what you really want for the right price by being informed and making quality bids.  Remember that the best buyers know when to walk away.  Buying the right ATV at auction can help you start your ATV adventure or help your business for the right price.




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